Ninben Tokusen Luxury Katsuobushi

Dried, fermented, and smoked bonito

If you love to cook Japanese cuisine, this Ninben Tokusen Luxury Katsuobushi is the best way to experience the taste of dried, fermented, and smoked bonito or skipjack tuna. It's the perfect gift for that aspiring washoku chef! You might know katsuobushi as the shaved bonito flakes sold in stores, but this high-grade fish comes unshaved so you can prepare the flakes fresh at home. Katsuobushi is a key ingredient to making authentic Japanese broth. The broth can be used in so many Japanese dishes and if you use freshly shaved katsuobushi, you get that professional taste far superior to pre-prepared bonito or dashi powder. This Ninben Katsuobushi is truly traditional: it has gone through many processes to reach this level of perfection. Ninben has been in business since 1699, honing its skills over nearly 320 years.

Ninben Tokusen Luxury Katsuobushi
Ninben Tokusen Luxury Katsuobushi

Ninben Tokusen Luxury Katsuobushi

The Ninben Tokusen Luxury Katsuobushi features:

  • Dried, fermented, and smoked katsuobushi (bonito, skipjack tuna)
  • Unshaved (not flakes)
  • 255g (9 oz)
  • Best-by date: 2 years after the date of manufacture (before opening)
  • Comes in a gift box
  • Does not include katsuobushi shaving instrument (image shows example only)
  • Instructions: Japanese
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