Mickey Mouse Air Purifier Pen

Portable Disney character antiviral deodorizer

We have all become more aware about the air around us since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic but the truth is, the air is always filled with bacteria, virus, and bad smells. The Mickey Mouse Air Purifier Pen is an easy way to keep the air around you - to be precise, about 1.62 sq m (17.4 sq ft) around you indoors - clean without the need to carry a spray can and disinfect everything. You just carry it in your pocket and that's it.

Mickey Mouse Air Purifier Pen

The magic (science, actually) happens inside the Mickey Mouse Air Purifier Pen, with one of the stick-type refills (it comes with two, enough for about two months). You bend the stick until you hear a cracking sound, put it in the pen decorated with Mickey Mouse's autograph, put the pen in your pocket, and just forget it's there. Wherever you are, you will be breathing in much cleaner and odor-free air!

The Mickey Mouse Air Purifier Pen features:

  • Toy Story character design
  • Effective against bacteria, viruses, odors
  • Effective for approx. 1 month per stick
  • Not a writing instrument
  • Dimensions: 10 x 2 x 17 cm (3.9 x 0.8 x 6.9")
  • Includes 1 pen, 2 refill sticks, strap
  • Area covered: 1.62 sq m (17.4 sq ft)
  • For indoor use
  • Officially Disney-licensed product
  • Instructions: Japanese
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