Mast Eco Humidifier

Environmentally friendly boat sail design

Designed by Shin Okada (of design atelier FLaPP), the Mast Eco Humidifier is an environmentally friendly approach to improving air quality. Inspired by a yacht sail, the humidifier flutters in the breeze and adds natural moisture to the dry air, complemented by the pleasant aroma of Japanese cypress. Just add water to the "boat" and the sail will absorb and gently diffuse the moisture. This wooden humidifier is made by hand by a craftsman, so please allow extra time for delivery.

Mast Eco Humidifier

The Mast Eco Humidifier features:

  • Made from cypress (with urethane resin coating)
  • Size: around 55 x 202 x 142mm (2.2 x 8 x 5.6")
  • Add water
  • Made to order: please allow extra time for delivery (up to 1-2 months)
  • "Sail" color will change naturally over time
  • Instructions: Japanese

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