Licca-chan Stylish Doll Collection Kuromi Sweet Black Style

Sanrio character theme dress-up doll

Even a world filled with kind and cute characters has to have a villain and in the Sanrio universe, this role goes to Kuromi, the rival of My Melody and My Harmony. Despite being a newcomer (she only appeared in 2005, 30 years after My Melody) and despite her punkish style and bad girl antics (or exactly because of them), Kuromi has become one of Sanrio's most popular characters and a very obvious choice when top Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy decided to create some Sanrio-themed looks for its classic Licca-chan dress-up doll. The result? The Licca-chan Stylish Doll Collection Kuromi Sweet Black Style!

What you get with the Licca-chan Stylish Doll Collection Kuromi Sweet Black Style is Licca-chan herself in all her 22 cm (8.7") glory, plus a stand suitable for display, and a special Kuromi outfit. Like her American counterpart, Barbie, Licca-chan is not just a toy but a true collector's item, so Takara Tomy provides you with the equipment needed for propping her up on a shelf and proudly showing her to the world! As for her outfit, it has all of Kuromi's trademark features, including the pointy ears, the devilish tail, and the pink skull!

Specs and Features:

  • Takara Tomy and Sanrio collaboration
  • Height: approx. 22 cm (8.7")
  • Materials: ABS resin, PVC
  • Includes doll, headdress, earrings, shorts, dress, armlets, socks, shoes, stand
  • For ages 15 and up
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