Lafeet Tabi Shoes

Traditional split-toe walking shoes

For most people today, tabi means a type of split-toe sock worn with zori or geta sandals, the standard footwear for kimono. The truth is, though, that tabi started off as actual shoes and as the split-toe design became more popular (about 1,300 years ago), the tabi evolved. So in a sense, the Lafeet Tabi Shoes are not as much of a novelty as they seem: they are a tribute to the original tabi that was worn as a regular shoe, the difference being that the Lafeet version is more durable, more comfortable, and more stylish!

Available in five colors (black, gray, navy blue, red, and a black and pink combo that would look great even in a party outfit), Okamoto Seiko's Lafeet Tabi Shoes are made of synthetic leather and have a side zipper so you can put them on and take them off very easily. You can get them in sizes ranging from 22.5 (US women's 5.5, EU 35.5) to 27 (US men's 9, EU 42.5), and are an excellent introduction to the world of split-toe shoes!

Specs and Features:

  • Tabi split-toe shape
  • Side zipper for ease of wearing/taking off
  • Colors: black, gray, navy blue, red, black and pink
  • Sizes: 22.5 (US women's 5.5, EU 35.5), 23 (US women's 6.5 EU 37), 23.5 (US men's 5.5, EU 38), 24 (US men's 6, EU 38.7), 24.5 (US men's 6.5, EU 39.3), 25 (US men's 7, EU 40), 25.5 (US men's 7.5, EU 40.5), 26 (US men's 8, EU 41), 26.5 (US men's 8.5, EU 42), 27 (US men's 9, EU 42.5)
  • Material: synthetic leather
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