Kyugetsu Hamayumi Bow and Arrows and Kabuto Helmet Set

Ornamental samurai items

After ruling Japan from the 12th to the 19th centuries, it isn't strange that the samurai and their symbols have become synonymous with Japanese culture itself. Even if you've never seen a Kurosawa film, you'll recognize samurai armor or a katana sword. And for the Japanese, these are the best gifts for a boy at the start of the year. If you have a son and want to introduce him to samurai culture as soon as possible, the Kyugetsu Hamayumi Bow and Arrows and Kabuto Helmet Set is the best way to do it!

The Kyugetsu Hamayumi Bow and Arrows and Kabuto Helmet Set is actually two decorative samurai-themed sets: one containing four arrows, two bows, and a stand with two swords (arrows are considered auspicious and very often given as amulets by Shinto shrines at the beginning of the year), and one containing two arrows, a bow with its stand, one sword with its stand, a samurai helmet, and a box/stand for it as well as a folding screen you can use as a backdrop. Create a spectacular samurai corner in your room or give your children an amazing present for the new year with this superb set!

Specs and Features:

  • Dimensions (kabuto helmet): 55 x 38 x 44 cm (21.7 x 15 x 17.3")
  • Dimensions (hamayumi case): 28 x 23 x 38 cm (11 x 9 x 15")
  • Hamayumi set comes with 4 arrows, 2 bows, stand with 2 swords, case, fabric mat
  • Kabuto set comes with 2 arrows, 1 bow, 1 sword, 2 stands, samurai helmet, box/stand, backdrop screen, base, wooden tag
  • Made by historical Tokyo doll maker Kyugetsu (est. 1836)
  • Made in Japan
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