Kuretake Two-Brush Calligraphy Bamboo Box Set

Classic Japanese writing all-in-one kit

Thanks to the imaginative look of its characters, the Japanese language (and the Chinese, from which it is derived) is among the few scripts whose calligraphy works are commonly used as art. If you want to try your hand at this unique form of expression (or you just want to take your Japanese study to the next level), you need the Kuretake Two-Brush Calligraphy Bamboo Box Set, which contains everything you need to start doing calligraphy immediately - the only thing missing is paper!

To be able to do shodo (Japanese calligraphy), you need a couple of good brushes, an ink stick, ink stone to rub the stick, and some water to make the ink as thick or thin as you want. The Kuretake Two-Brush Calligraphy Bamboo Box Set has all this (well, not the water, but it does have a beautiful porcelain pitcher for pouring in as much as you require). And to store the set, everything comes in a beautiful bamboo box with a traditional scene on the lid featuring a bird and a plum tree. Get it and start writing - or is it painting?

The Kuretake Two-Brush Calligraphy Bamboo Box Set features:

  • Set contains 1 Kouran ink stick, 2 #7 brushes (white, brown), 1 water pitcher, 1 ink stone
  • Comes in decorated bamboo box
  • Dimensions: 169 x 41 x 263 mm (6.6 x 1.6 x 10.3")
  • Weight: 815 g (28.7 oz)
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