Kikkoman Saku-Saku Crispy Soy Sauce Seasoning (Pack of 2)

Soy and garlic flavor flakes

The easiest Japanese dish is rice with some kind of seasoning sprinkled over it. The Japanese call these "furikake" and there's no cook or homemaker in Japan who doesn't keep a few different flavors of the flakes in their cabinets. Among them, the Kikkoman Saku-Saku Crispy Soy Sauce Seasoning stands out since it brings to the table (literally) one of the most common flavors of Japanese cuisine, soy, in a form that you can actually chew on!

Real soy mixed with garlic makes these flakes the ideal complement not only to rice but to almost any dish! From a simple salad to fish, meat, chicken, or noodles, the Kikkoman Saku-Saku Crispy Soy Seasoning adds flavor and texture, and allows you to create unique gastronomic masterpieces that will say "Japan" even if they never appeared (yet) on the menu of a Tokyo izakaya tavern.

The Kikkoman Saku-Saku Crispy Soy Sauce Seasoning features:

  • Pack of 2
  • Furikake-style seasoning for rice and other dishes
  • Weight: 90g (3.1 oz)
  • Packet dimensions: 150 x 17 x 135mm (5.9 x 0.7 x 5.3")
  • Contains: rapeseed oil, freeze-dried soy oil, wheat, sesame, granulated soy protein, roast onion, sugar, fried garlic, onion powder, table salt, sesame oil, fried onion, yeast extract, fish sauce powder, vitamin E, etc.
  • Images show serving suggestions

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