Joujou Otoband Sound Watch

Anime sound effects interactive toy

The Joujou Otoband Sound Watch is a fun interactive toy by Takara Tomy that adds an extra dimension to games. Play the sound effects and dialogue as a perfect introduction to showing off your own skills! You can create realistic anime sound effects when play-fighting!

Joujou Otoband Sound Watch

There are two versions, each with eight types of sounds. In the blue "Jobs" watch you have a chef, guitarist, wizard, hairdresser, train driver, and more. In the brown "Special Skills" version there are a series of tricks involving punching, swordplay, lasers, ninja star, and more.

You slide in the tiles for the sound effect you want and then play it by shaking your wrist. The sound then changes depending on how you move. Each tile is illustrated in a fun retro comic-book style and delivers both sound effects and dialogue.

Joujou Otoband Sound Watch

The Joujou Otoband Sound Watch features:

  • Versions: Jobs, Special Skills
  • Includes 8 sound effect tiles
  • Sound effects: Japanese
  • Power: LR44 battery x 2
  • Instructions: Japanese

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