Ikemoto Baseball Ball Brush Cleaner

Sports ball cleaning tool

Baseball is big in Japan and that means Japanese engineering gets to work trying make the sport better. And that's why you get cool products like this Ikemoto Baseball Ball Brush Cleaner, easily the best way we've seen to get your ball scrubbed white again. All you do is place the ball in the cup-style holder and twist it to rub the grime off with the brushes. There are two versions, each with different types of brushes. The softer Hakkyu cleaner is designed to whiten your ball again, making it look good as new. The harder Rookie cleaning brush, meanwhile, is for tackling serious mud and dirt build-up.

Ikemoto Baseball Ball Brush Cleaner

The Ikemoto Baseball Ball Brush Cleaner features:

  • Two versions: Hakkyu (softer brushes, whitens ball), Rookie (harder brushes, removes mud)
  • Designed for baseball balls
  • Instructions: Japanese (but self-explanatory)

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