Hakuhodo G5510 Eye Shadow Brush

High-quality artisanal makeup brush

It's usually ceramics, chef knives, or textiles that get the lion's share of attention when it comes to traditional Japanese craftsmanship. And rightfully so, because they are all amazing. But it's a little unfair because pretty much every traditional craft that continues to exist in Japan produces small masterpieces that can make your everyday life easier and richer. The Hakuhodo G5510 Eye Shadow Brush is one such small masterpiece that makes the task of applying eye shadow a whole new experience!

It looks modern with its silver and black colors but the Hakuhodo G5510 Eye Shadow Brush actually carries with it a long history of brush-making going back to the 17th century and the Kumano area of Hiroshima. These brushes are so good that for most Japanese, Kumano brushes are synonymous with makeup brushes! Available with five different handles so you can choose which fits your needs best, and with a flat and round 6 mm (0.2") head made of sturdy horse hair, the G5510 helps you spread color with precision, even to the tiniest corner of your eye, giving you the best results you have experienced!

Specs and Features:

  • Options: Black Medium (BkSM), Black Short (BkSS), Black Standard (BkSLN), Black Long (BkSLL), Champagne Gold (ShSL)
  • Total length Black Medium: 121 mm (4.8")
  • Total length Black Short: 101 mm (4")
  • Total length Black Standard: 141 mm (5.6")
  • Total length Black Long: 179 mm (7")
  • Total length Champagne Gold: 141 mm (5.6")
  • Brush length: 6 mm (0.2")
  • Brush thickness: 3.4 mm (0.1")
  • Brush material: horse
  • Brush handle materials: wood, nickel brass, silver
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