Hakuhodo G5507 Eye Shadow Brush

High-quality makeup brush

Just like the words "chef knife" will make any Japanese immediately think of the town of Sakai in Osaka or Seki in Gifu, the words "makeup brush" conjure up an image of Kumano in Hiroshima! Since the late Edo period (mid-19th century), this little town has developed a technique for making amazing brushes for calligraphers and, after WWII, for makeup too. The Hakuhodo G5507 Eye Shadow Brush is a product of this tradition and the moment you hold it in your hand, you know this is not your average brush!

With a real wooden handle and nickel brass and silver fittings, the Hakuhodo G5507 Eye Shadow Brush is a small masterpiece even before you get to its heart, the brush part, made of natural horse hair and 11.5 mm (0.5") long, with a round and wide shape that spreads the color evenly on your eyelids. Even if you're not a professional makeup artist, it is easy to use and brings great results. And you can get it in five different handle lengths!

Specs and Features:

  • Options: Black Medium (BkSM), Black Short (BkSS), Black Standard (BkSLN), Black Long (BkSLL), Champagne Gold (ShSL)
  • Total length Black Medium: 126.5 mm (4.9")
  • Total length Black Short: 106.5 mm (4.2")
  • Total length Black Standard: 146.5 mm (5.8")
  • Total length Black Long: 184.5 mm (7.3")
  • Total length Champagne Gold: 146.5 mm (5.8")
  • Brush length: 11.5 mm (0.5")
  • Brush thickness: 4.5 mm (0.2")
  • Brush material: horse
  • Brush handle materials: wood, nickel brass, silver
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