Four Seasons Salt Letter Kit

Natural salt sampler gift set

In a land where paper still trumps digital, it isn't a surprise that writing letters is still considered a real thing. And since a letter is much more personal than an email, the Japanese are always trying to find ways to give it an extra touch of originality, such as writing on special handmade paper, putting it in a decorated envelope, or even including a small attachment to give it a little more flavor. And in the case of the Four Seasons Salt Letter Kit, the flavor part is quite literal!

The Four Seasons Salt Letter Kit is a combination of high-quality stationery (notepad and envelope) and actual salt from Yuya Bay in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The method used to produce this salt is different from that used to produce regular rock salt, thanks to the dedicated research by a local craftsman. Depending on the season the seawater has been collected, the salt has different properties and flavors. Rediscover the lost art of letter-writing and spice up your missives with the flavor of each season, thanks to this truly unique set!

Specs and Features:

  • Contains 4 types of salt, envelope, notepad
  • Natural salt from Yuya Bay, Yamaguchi Prefecture
  • Salt: 10 g (0.4 oz) each
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