Facebank 3 Money Box

Elektronische Spardose für stilsichere Sparfüchse

The Facebank 3 is the latest in Banpresto’s unusual piggy bank range. The first Facebanks were massively successful and attracted fans across the globe for their rather novel way of storing your cash! The rubberized face uses sensors to munch any coins you chose to feed it in a surprisingly life-like manner. The new version now has cat-like eyes and a sly, feline personality!

Facebank 3 Money Box

The Facebank 3 features:

  • Robotic money box with cat face
  • "Eats" your money through automatic sensors (no damage to your coins!)
  • Colors: yellow or purple
  • Size: 97 × 97 × 97mm (3.8 x 3.8 x 3.8")
  • Weight: 341g
  • Power: AAA batteries x4 (not included)
  • Instructions: Japanese only

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