Classic Japanese House Miniature Kit

DIY Japanese home model building set

For most people who only know Japan from recent movies, it's hard to believe that there still exist small houses with miniature gardens and tatami-mat rooms. The truth is that if you travel even a few miles outside Tokyo or the other big cities, you will see plenty of these old homes with a tree or two outside and with porches where people sit to find some cool in the summer. If you have always wanted such a scene in your space, the Classic Japanese House Miniature Kit lets you build one!

It'll take some time, though: according to the designers, the Classic Japanese House Miniature Kit can take over 50 hours to finish. The reason is the amazing attention to detail that has been put into its creation. Arm yourself with a pair of scissors and a bottle of glue, clear a table to work on, open the illustrated instruction guide, and dive in. It even comes with the parts for a transparent display case and with LED lights so you can enjoy it day and night!

Specs and Features:

  • Dimensions (completed): 29 x 22.4 x 20.7 cm (11.4 x 8.9 x 8.1")
  • Building time: approx. 50+ hours
  • Difficulty level: 4/5
  • Includes LED lighting installation, transparent case parts, illustrated instructions
  • Requires: scissors, glue
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese (but illustrated)
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