Bauhutte Nyangaroo Hoodie Gray

Gamer apparel with cat snuggle pocket/pouch

You know the drill: you sit at your computer for an all-nighter of gaming but your cat feels differently. Bauhutte, Japan's top gamer accessories maker, has an answer that keeps you happy and your cat ecstatic: it's the Bauhutte Nyangaroo Hoodie Gray, a hoodie that turns you into a kangaroo for your kitty ("nyan" in Japanese). In other words, a hoodie with a cat pouch!

The Bauhutte Nyangaroo Hoodie Gray comes in three sizes for heights 155 cm (5 ft) to 185 cm (6 ft), and is a comfortable 60% cotton, 40% polyester sweatshirt that you can wear anywhere (even without your feline friend snuggling up inside the main pocket). There are some hints, though, that this is not your usual hoodie: the cat ears on the hood and the cat paws on its cuffs show the world where you stand on the matter of cats. And anyone who doesn't get it certainly will when they see your cat's cute head poking out from the front pocket!

Specs and Features:

  • Color: gray
  • Fluffy lining and cushion in the cat pocket/pouch
  • Double zipper and cord stopper for the cat pocket/pouch
  • Ribbed cuffs with cat paw pattern
  • Cat-eared hood
  • Sizes: small, medium, large
  • Small: for heights 155-165 cm (5-5.4 ft)
  • Medium: for heights 165-175 cm (5.4-5.7 ft)
  • Large: for heights 175-185 cm (5.7-6 ft)
  • Materials: cotton 60%, polyester 40%
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