Awa Mimikaki Premium Bamboo Ear Pick

Traditional Japanese personal grooming tool

Grooming with an ear pick is satisfying for everyone but for the Japanese it seems like a national fixation – and has been since the Edo period (1600-1868), when people started making very intricate ear picks that morphed into a service industry that continues even today. Yes, there are places in Japan where you can go and pay to have your ears cleaned with an ear pick, sometimes even by some attractive female employee! If you want to take care of this yourself but still want the luxury experience, you need the Awa Mimikaki Premium Bamboo Ear Pick.

Created in Tokushima Prefecture by local craftspeople, and taking its name from the older name of the area (Awa Province), the Awa Mimikaki Premium Bamboo Ear Pick is as elegant as it is functional. Using high-quality honsusutake and matake bamboo, these 18 cm (7") picks prove that even a plain stick with a slight hook at its end can be a work of art. Straight, twisted, or straight and dyed in indigo (another traditional craft of the region), these ear picks are both everyday and collector's items!

Specs and Features:

  • Options: straight honsusutake bamboo, twisted honsusutake bamboo, indigo-dyed matake bamboo
  • Straight and twisted honsusutake bamboo versions come with tag with the craftsperson's name
  • Indigo-dyed matake bamboo comes with craftsman's name engraving
  • Traditionally handmade in Tokushima Prefecture (former Awa Province)
  • Length (all): 18 cm (7")
  • Tip width (straight/twisted bamboo): 0.4 cm (0.2")
  • Tip width (indigo-dyed bamboo): 0.3 cm (0.1")
  • Weight (straight/twisted bamboo): 3 g (0.1 oz)
  • Weight (indigo-dyed bamboo): 2 g (0.07 oz)
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