Wonderful Shot dog cat camera

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Ever wonder what your dog does while you’re away? Wonder what life looks like at his level?

Wonder no more. The Wonderful Shot pet camera from Takara Tomy allows you to send your pet off to take photos of its day with a tiny and light 0.35 megapixel camera connected to its collar. You can take the photos manually anytime with the mini remote, or set the timer to take pictures at certain intervals.

Of course, Wonderful Shot is great for cats or any pet with a collar that has daytime adventures that you want to know about.

Wonderful Shot dog cat camera

Wonderful Shot features:

• 0.35 megapixel camera
• 8 MB internal memory (good for 90 photos)
• Rechargeable battery (via USB)
• Timer: Every 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30, or 60 minutes

Included in Delivery:

• Wonderful Shot camera
• Remote control
• “Bone” USB cable
• Collar clip
• Camera pack
• Weight: 38g.
• Manual (Japanese)
• Instructions in English

Below are some actual shots from the Wonderful Shot as taken by our in-house dachshund, Sakura-chan.

Wonderful Shot dog cat camera

Wonderful Shot dog cat camera

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