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USB Warmer Heated Slippers Dual 2

Foot warmer for winter

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Ideal for doing work at home whatever the weather outside, these Warmer Heated Slippers Dual 2 from gadget masters Thanko will keep you in USB-induced warmth for the whole winter.

USB Warmer Heated Slippers Dual 2

Just connect these cozy slippers to your computer via a USB port, turn on the switch on the cable, and you will then be able to browse the web, read your favorite sites and chat with friends...and your feet will never get cold again!

The Warmer Heater Slippers Dual 2 features:

  • USB-powered foot warmer slippers
  • Color: light brown
  • Slipper size: around 28cm (11") (but back can be pressed down for larger feet)
  • USB cable: 165cm (65")

Sold Out