Takoyaki Reversi

Osaka octopus dough ball game

Price: AU$ 119

Test your skills of strategy with this cute game based on the popular Osaka food. Takoyaki Reversi features a realistic-looking grill lined with the iconic octopus dough balls and which either player turns over using their skewer. There are two types of ball faces for each player, ones with sauce or ones with mayonnaise.

Takoyaki Reversi

You play the reversi game to see who can get four-in-a-row of the same ball face. The six octopus pieces are used to "keep" a ball from being turn over. If you use your turn to place an octopus on top of a ball, it is protected from being flipped, blocking your opponent from using it to make a row.

Takoyaki Reversi

You can also play a speed game where you have to flip over 18 balls with a skewer. Can you match the skills of the master takoyaki stalls of the Dotonbori?! Pit your speed against your opponent to see who can reverse the balls the fastest.

The Takoyaki Reversi features:

  • Includes one "grill", six octopi, two skewers
  • For two players
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to play)