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Putifino - Portable Air Leg Massager

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You sit for long hours working and get ready to call it a day only to find your legs are too sore to walk you home. WithPutifino, the Portable Air Massager, your legs will remain relaxed and beautiful even as they are under your desk most of the day.

Putifino - Portable Air Leg Massager

The portable, self-inflating Putifino can be easily folded into something smaller than your passport to fit any kind of handbags or purses. The lining made of velour guarantees constant softness and coziness. Why not revive your legs with stylish and slim Putifino?

Putifino - Portable Air Leg Massager

Putifino features:

  • Colors: Pink, Yellow, or Black
  • Weight: 155g. (battery excluded)
  • Size (diameter of leg): 22-45cm
  • Three modes of massage: Light, Medium, or Blood Circulation Modes
  • No nylon tapes~ so no worries about stockings or dresses of fine material.
  • Instructions: Japanese