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PLEN Robot - Desktop Hobby from Akazawa

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PLEN is simple. At least, it is on the outside. Inside of Akazawa’s PLEN is the culmination of years of sophisticated technology and hard work paired with great design. Easily controlled via Bluetooth phone, keyboards, computers, etc, PLEN is versatile and fun to us, particularly when he’s roller-skating round the room!

PLEN is very limited in production by Akazawa, making it both a rarity and a robot for the ages.

PLEN Robot - Desktop Hobby from Akazawa

Akazawa PLEN Robot features:

• Height: 228mm (9”)
• Weight: 696g
• Degrees of Freedom: 18
• Wireless control: Bluetooth by compatible mobile phone or keyboard
• Power: Nickel hydrogen 6V-950mA
• Stability: Gyro sensors
• PLEN software
• Manual: Japanese and English available

PLEN Robot - Desktop Hobby from Akazawa

Sold Out
Sold Out