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Pekoppa communication plant

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Green thumbs often talk to their plants, but now your plants can communicate with you back! The Pekoppa from Sega Toys is an innovative new communication plant that can respond to your speech with physical reactions using an internal “bio metal” that moves and bends depending on the current put through it.

Pekoppa communication plant

Pekoppa uses an internal chip that detects patterns in human speech, and responds to you by bending the stem and moving the leaves. A deep “bow” by Pekoppa shows agreement with what you’re saying, so you can carry on a two-way conversation without missing a beat!

Pekoppa communication plant

Pekoppa plant features:

  • Color options: White, Brown, or Blue
  • Size: 100x150x50mm (4x6x2”)
  • Power: AAA battery x 3
  • Manual: Japanese

  • Sold Out
    Sold Out

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