Pecha Kucha Ku Cha Interactive Toy

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From Daiwa Toys, Pecha Kucha Ku-Cha is an interactive toy that can answer simple questions (such as the time) with a built-in voice recognition function. It also greets you in the morning, says good night. And gives you daily horoscopes.

Pecha Kucha Ku Cha Interactive Toy

Of course, Ku-Cha only speaks Japanese, but that’s the point, right?

Audio samples (click to listen):
Good Morning!
Good night! I'm going to sleep too.
Good morning! Nice weather isn't it?
Today's your lucky day! It looks great!

Pecha Kucha Ku-Cha features:

• Voice recognition
• Clock function
• Fortune Telling
• Size: 11cm (4.3”) tall
• Power: AAA battery x 3
• Embedded speakers
• Colors (bear/chair): pink/blue, brown/pink, blue/yellow, yellow/green
• Manual: Japanese
• Speech: Japanese

**Please note the dispatch procedure for this product may take up to seven days.**

Sold Out
Sold Out