Paro Robot Seal Healing Pet

World's Most Therapeutic Robot

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Paro is the most interactive "healing pet" made to date, designed to be used for animal therapy without needing actual animals that require special attention. It learns from you, and feels just like a real, lovable pet in its natural responses.

Paro Robot Seal Healing Pet

Paro is modeled on a baby seal and we're sure you agree looks super cute! It has been approved by Guiness World Records as the most effective therapeutic pet of its kind. Incredibly soft and lifelike, Paro has an array of sensors, and develops a personality over time that corresponds with how people play with Paro. Now available in white or gold, please visit Paro's homepage for a great, detailed introduction.

Paro Robot Seal Healing Pet

Paro's Functions:

  • Diurnal rhythm of morning, afternoon, and night
  • Five kinds of sensors: tactile, light, audition, temperature, and posture
  • Can recognize light and dark
  • Can feel being stroked and the amount of pressure
  • Understands when it is being held
  • Can recognize the direction of sound
  • Recognizes its name, greetings, and praise
  • Remembers interactions and adapts
  • Imitates the voice of a real baby seal
  • Expresses feelings though noises, body movements, and facial expressions

Paro's Robotic Movements:

  • Moves head multi-directionally
  • Moves flippers (front and rear)
  • Creates highly emotional facial expressions with blinking eyes
  • Each Paro's facial expressions are unique

Paro Robot Seal Healing Pet

Paro features:

  • Color: white or gold
  • Durable yet soft artificial fur which is anti-bacterial and soil resistant
  • Strong internal robotics that can handle long-term use
  • Has an electromagnetic shield (safe for pacemakers)
  • Manual (English and Japanese)
  • Pacifier charger (pink and yellow)
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Power: AC100V, 50-60Hz, 1.3-0.7A
  • Length: 57cm (22.4")
  • Weight: about 2.7kg (95.2 oz)
  • Please note that depending on availability, Paro may take 2-3 weeks to arrive

Paro Robot Seal Healing Pet

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