New Ame de Wataame Cotton Candy Maker

Make homemade cotton candy from sweets

Price: US$ 153

The sequel to the original popular Ame de Wataame, this cotton candy maker can create superb sweet cotton candy just from ordinary sweets and candy. It's so simple that even a child can have fun operating the Ame de Wataame: Just pop in one piece of candy and turn on the switch. After around 2 minutes the candy will start to become fluffy cotton candy and you can collect it on a stick and enjoy the tastes of the carnival cotton candy stall, with all sorts of new twists!

New Ame de Wataame Cotton Candy Maker

Since the ingredients are so easy to get and add, you can have lots of fun creating interesting variations on the classic cotton candy, depending on the flavor of the sweets. For example, ever fancied banana or cola-flavored cotton candy? Now's your chance!

New Ame de Wataame Cotton Candy Maker

The New Ame de Wataame Cotton Candy Maker features:

  • Size: around 178 x 280 x 262mm (7 x 11 x 10.3")
  • Suitable for ages 8 and over
  • Maximum power: 60W
  • Do not use with: gummy candy, sugar, chocolate, caramel, soft candy, soda powder, baking soda, nuts/peanuts, dairy products (butter, milk etc)
  • AC adapter:100V
  • Instructions: Japanese (but self-explanatory)