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M4125 Maid PC computer case

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Is there an better way to merge the otaku dual-loves of computers and sexy maids?

The M4125 Maid PC Case does just that by incorporating a Mini-ITX compatible case within the hips and legs, and covered by a choice of one of two maid skirts. This is perfect for an easy DIY using a Mini-ITX motherboard and compatible components. There is no hardware included, only the case…but you’ll have the most unique computer case around.

Original Version:

• Standard case
• White stockings
• Black skirt
• White lace trim and apron (ties in rear).

M4125 Maid PC computer case

Maid Station Version:

• Standard case
• Black stockings
• Black skirt
• White satin apron and petticoat.
• White cuffs
• Special “Maid Station” logo branding

M4125 Maid PC computer case

Maid PC case Specifications:

• Mini-ITX motherboard dedicated PC case
• Hard disk: 3” x 3.5”
• CD drives: 1 slim type
• Choice of Original or Maid Station versions.
• Is only a case, and contains no hardware The photo below is an example only.
• Manual: Japanese

M4125 Maid PC computer case

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