Lines LED Design Watch

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The Lines LED Watch from design watch maker Seahope gives you the time in style and stand out where the lights are low. The watch gets its name from the vertical and horizontal lines that crisscross its surface and give a futuristic edge to this unique timepiece. Simply push the side button to reveal a network of bright LED lights that display the time!

Lines LED Design Watch

Lines LED Watch features:
• Choices: Colorful LEDs with Black or Silver band, Blue LEDs with Silver band
• Designer: Yasushi Kimura for Seahope
• Lighting: 3-color LED
• Case size: 45x26x11mm (1.7x0.6x0.4”)
• Power: CR1632 × 1
• Charge time: 3 hours
• Made in Japan
• One-year manufacturer’s warranty
• Manual: Japanese

Lines LED Design Watch

How to tell the time (not as hard as it looks!):
• The Green LEDs #1-12 tell the hour.
• The Orange LEDs represent 5-minute increments.
• Add the single Red LEDs to know the exact minute.
• The top right button shows the current time when pushed.
• The bottom right button lets you adjust the time.

Sold Out
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