Leg Angel

Leg shaping pillow

Price: US$ 144

Ideal for wearing when you are sleeping or resting, the Leg Angel will help shape your legs into the beautiful shape you want them to be. Just minutes after you put the cushion on, you will start to feel light, as if your leg is floating. The pillow gently places pressure on the leg and works to sculpt them into a more attractive shape.

Leg Angel

The pillow also help warm up your legs, particularly useful for people who feel the cold easily. The makers also recommend you wear them while walking around to benefit from the effects all day. Made with charcoal sheet coating, the Leg Angel is available in a choice of five colors.

Leg Angel

The Leg Angel features:

  • Colors: pink, lime, blue, purple, black
  • One cushion only. Please order two if you want to use for both legs simultaneously.
  • Wash by hand with neutral detergent
  • Do not tumble-dry
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to understand)