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Jinsei Tokei Life Clock

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Introduction and manual for this product is only in Japanese.

The Jinsei Tokei means “Life Clock” is the successor to the wildly popular Jinsei Ginkou (Life Bank). Inside of this functional alarm clock lives a tamagochi-like human that lives your life along with you, waking up to your schedule, going to work, eating, having dates, going shopping, and more. Have your choice of a salaryman, rockstar, or schoolgirl!

Jinsei Tokei Life Clock

Your Jinsei Tokei character wakes up with you when the alarm goes off (don’t worry, it has a “snooze” function), and heads to bed when you set it again. Use the clock as a kitchen timer and your character cooks along with you, and you can also program the “odekake” timer to remind you that you need to head out the door to work, school, or out on the town!

Jinsei Tokei Life Clock

Jinsei Tokei specifications:

• Size: 74x74x37mm (3x3x1.4”)
• Weight: 18g.
• Color: Black, White, Blue, or Orange
• Power: 3xAA battery
• Manual: Japanese

Sold Out

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