iMu Vibration Speaker by Thanko

Singing surfaces sound gadget

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It might look a nifty humidifier but it's actually the latest great gadget from Thanko. The iMu is a stylish vibration speaker that converts a flat and hard surface into audio by means of amplification.

iMu Vibration Speaker by Thanko

Light, compact and chic, the iMu is ideal for connecting with your iPod, MP3 player or other audio device. The sound is different depending on the surface - glass, wall, floor, wood - meaning you can have all kinds of fun listening to unknown variations in your favorite tunes. Back in stock by popular demand, the iMu is yet another fantastic addition to your lifestyle courtesy of Japan!

iMu Vibration Speaker by Thanko

The Thanko iMu USB Vibration Speaker features:

  • Color: white
  • Size: 81 x 119mm (3.2 x 4.7")
  • Weight: 390g
  • Contains: iMu speaker, USB/3.5mm (0.1") audio jack cable
  • Cable length: 1.5m (59")
  • Compatible with most music or audio players
  • Frequency: 70Hz to 30kHz
  • Input voltage: 110-250V
  • Output voltage: 24V DC
  • Instructions: Japanese only

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