Hokaron Sock Heaters Feet Kairo

Disposable foot warmer sheets

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Slip these into slippers and over your socks so your feet are never cold! The Hokaron Sock Heaters are a type of convenient disposable "Kairo" hand warmers... for your feet. This set includes three packs, each with five Hokaron warmers sheets inside. That should be more than enough to keep you stocked against the chilly winter days! The Hokaron are designed to maintain temperatures of around 35°C (95°F) for up to nine hours.

Hokaron Sock Heaters Feet Kairo

The Hokaron Sock Heaters features:

  • Set of three, each with five warming sheets (15 total)
  • Be careful to avoid burns
  • Never place in direct contact with skin
  • Do not use while sleeping
  • Lasts up to 9 hours
  • Average temperature: 35°C (95°F)
  • No cover included
  • Instructions: Japanese
  • Made in Japan

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Sold Out