Hair Contact Set Facial Hair from Propia

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Change your look in a matter of minutes with the 3-piece Hair Contact Set from Propia. Forget about the time required to grow in a beard and the hassle of shaping and trimming with these easy to apply, professional quality hair applications. The adhesive base is an ultra-thin, elastic 0.02mm (less than 1/3 of a sheet of paper!) porous membrane—the first of its kind—that absorbs sweat and allows your skin to breathe for ultimate ease and comfort.

Simply apply to a clean-shaven face and the Hair Contact will last up to five days of normal eating, showering, and whatever else your new appearance might inspire. If you'd like, you may trim first with scissors to find the perfect fit.

Hair Contact Set Facial Hair from Propia

Hair Contact is made from quality synthetic hair (not your standard stick on party moustaches) and creates a natural, realistic image update. This popular product has been featured on TV and in countless men’s fashion magazines in Japan.

The Propia Hair Contact Set features:

  • 2-way chin piece: Works underlip or hanging from chin!
  • Larger chin piece
  • Moustache piece
  • Colors: natural black or natural brown (choose below)
  • Adhesive size: 2.5 x 2.5cm (under lip), 4.5 x 9.5cm (chin) 8 x 1.5cm (moustache)
  • Instructions: Japanese
  • Trimmable and shapable with scissors

Hair Contact Set Facial Hair from Propia

* NOTE: due to the nature of the adhesive, we advise not using fluorine-coated scissors with the Hair Contact.

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