Flame Frame by Masataka Kurashina

Designer helmet artwork

Price: US$ 522

Another collaboration between top local design store TOKYO CULTUARTS by BEAMS and a leading creator, the Flame Frame is a unique "fire"-style retro helmet sculpture from custom-painter Masataka Kurashina. Kurashina has worked with a diverse range of artists and brands, including Disney and Franc Franc, crafting everyday objects and even whole architectural spaces.

Flame Frame by Masataka Kurashina

This limited edition artwork has a highly restricted number of units and once they are gone Kurashina won't be making any more. You can guarantee that this will become a very collectible item that fans of design will crave to own. Available in two colors, white or black, and exclusive to international customers through JapanTrendShop, the Flame Frame is vintage headgear art to the max. Each one is also signed by the designer and comes in a specially created box.

Flame Frame by Masataka Kurashina

The Flame Frame by Masataka Kurashina features:

  • Collaboration with TOKYO CULTUARTS by BEAMS
  • Limited edition
  • Color: white or black
  • Do not use as helmet
  • Material: FRP
  • Size: about 24 x 24cm (9.4 x 9.4")
  • Made in Japan