Citizen Astrodea Celestial Watch - 2007 Small Edition

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Limited Edition: 500 per year

The Astrodea Celestial watch series from Citizen has been a hit in Japan, and is now available in a 2007 Small Edition for a lower price, but with the same great features! Created by Hideo Uehara, the Astrodea Celestial Watch is a beautifully detailed representation of space, and rotates in real time. It also includes a convenient 10x magnifier for close-up viewing.

The Astrodea Celestial watch comes with:

• Astrodea magnifier (10x)
• Beautiful dressing case
• Battery included
• 1 year manufacturers warranty
• Manual (in Japanese)

Citizen Astrodea Celestial Watch - 2007 Small Edition

With a 35° view of the heavens, the Astrodea Celestial Watch shows 1,109 stars and lots of measurements including:

• Equinox indications
• Constellation markers
• Location of the sun
• Solar position
• Sunrise and sunset times
• Daily duration of sunshine
• Sidereal time
• And MORE…


• Hard-coated titanium case
• Celestial latitude: Northern 35°
• Constellation rotation period: Approx. 23h 56m 04sec. (counterclockwise)
• Battery size: 1 SR626SW
• Battery life: 3 years
• Case diameter: Approximately 34.3mm
• Case thickness: Approximately 9.7mm
• Non-refelctive glass
• Waterproof to 3 atmospheres

Sold Out
Sold Out