Akaishi Men's Turban

Skincare and hair care towel for men

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This is more than just a towel. Its an esthetic tool. The Men's Turban by Akaishi wraps around your head and face, giving your skin a lift and also bolstering the health and quality of your hair. After a bath, shower or shave, the turban will stretch and keep your newly washed skin tight, all the way from your chin to your forehead, making you feel more refreshed and invigorated. It will also be great for drying your hair and can be worn pretty much anywhere you want.

Akaishi Mens Turban

The Akaishi Men's Turban features:

  • Towel stretches/wraps around hair, or from chin to forehead
  • Color: dark gray
  • Material: cotton (99%), polyurethane (1%)
  • Size: around 12 x 26 x 5cm (4.7 x 10.2 x 2")
  • Weight: around 87g (3.1 oz)

Sold Out
Sold Out