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Ultraman Kitchen Timer for Instant Noodles

Retro cup noodle warning light

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Know when your cup ramen noodle feast is ready with this funkily retro Ultraman Instant Noodles Timer, a kitchen timer that changes light color and makes sounds from the original Ultraman series when three minutes is up! Just wait for the "warning light" to turn from blue to red and the sound effects to begin, and then it's time to tuck into your snack.

Ultraman Kitchen Timer for Instant Noodles

Fans of Japanese pop culture or tokusatsu TV shows will adore the nostalgic usefulness of this product, which looks just like Ultraman's own warning light worn on the front of his iconic uniform. And with its magnet and grip you can attach the timer to your wall or even your clothes!

Ultraman Kitchen Timer for Instant Noodles

The Ultraman Instant Noodles Timer features:

  • Three-minute kitchen timer with changing lights and original Ultraman sound effects
  • Diameter: around 60mm (2.4")
  • Includes grip and magnet
  • Do NOT place on top of hot instant noodles
  • Power: LR44 batteries x 3