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Takkyu High Tension Virtual Table Tennis

One-person or two player ping pong game

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Get ready to battle invisible sports opponents with this awesome virtual table tennis game, the Takkyu High Tension (Hyper Ping Pong). Perfect for when you are desperate for a realistic game of ping pong but don't have a table or ball (nor, necessarily, another player), you can play against yourself or with another person.

Takkyu High Tension Virtual Table Tennis

Featuring a tiny speaker and motion sensor, players must time their "hits" with the sounds in order to continue the "match". Maintaining a rally is harder than it seems and will change as you make bigger swings with your paddle. You can even hit smashes by holding down the button on the bat handle, and receive celebratory applauses for winning shots from "crowds" watching your virtual success.

The Takkyu High Tension Virtual Table Tennis Game features:

  • Available in pen holder or shakehand grip paddle versions
  • Modes: rally mode, rhythm mode, rally mode (with background music)
  • For one player or two players
  • AAA batteries x2 (not included)
  • Includes strap x1

Sold Out
Sold Out