Chopstick Manner Oden Nabe Game

Timer hot pot challenge

Price: € 81

The oden sits in this nabe pot and has to be fished out with chopsticks in this fun Chopstick Manner Oden Nabe Game, combining Japanese culture and cuisine with interaction for all the family. There are seven kinds of oden included, plus all the other "utensils" required to play a series of challenges (bowls, chopsticks, pot, lid). The pieces are very realistic looking, though they also have cute smiley faces perfect for keeping the kids amused.

Chopstick Manner Oden Nabe Game

It's harder than it looks since the pot moves, meaning the pieces of oden are tricky to snare with your chopsticks. You have to pick them up and transfer them to your bowl all without dropping them. It's great for teaching the kids how to use chopsticks!

Chopstick Manner Oden Nabe Game

If in a three or four you can play a "ranking" game, where you score different points for different foods, and you can add in rock-paper-scissors or rolling dice to decide who can claim the oden first. Naturally there is a time limit: ten, twenty or thirty seconds, controlled by the dial the on the "gas stove."

The Chopstick Manner Oden Nabe Game features:

  • Up to four players
  • Includes chopsticks (x 4), bowls, nabe pot, gas cooker-style base, seven kinds of oden
  • Power: C batteries x 2 (not included)
  • Weight: 1.44kg (oz)
  • Instructions: Japanese only (but easy to work out)